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During my childhood and youth I was immersed in competitive dance, where we were taught to push our bodies beyond a healthy limit.  I have now been practicing yoga for over a decade and have built a much more loving and gentle mind/body narrative. I have also been practicing Shambala meditation, and other forms of meditation, for about 15 years.

These experiences have changed how I live my day to day life and have allowed me to foster a deep self-love, compassion and empathy for others, and resilience to life's challenges. I then became inspired to share what I have experienced through yoga with others.

In 2020 I completed my 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Moksana in Victoria BC, a studio very close to my heart.  In addition to more traditional forms of yoga, I have since been studying specialties related to partner yoga, yoga for children and also designing classes intended for the surf and kite boarding communities.  I am currently working on my 500 hour training through MA, and am quite focused on Mantra (chanting) as well as supportive touch and assists.

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Great expertise, very clear instructions, well thought out sequence, excellent use of time, variety.  Creation of a welcoming and peaceful clam space to practice in!


Wonderful messages and themes -lots of modifications and an accessible style of teaching. I loved this class :)


I love everything. Your yogic teaching at the beginning, the chakra focus, the music and how you keep us flowing in a very relaxed yet organized way.


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